Spencer Irvine discusses market opportunities

According to Spencer Irvine, AirVentions  CEO, the opportunities for the GSE (ground support equipment) collision avoidance system have broad applications within the aviation industry. Addressing a group of student interns at his Boston Greentown Labs facility, Spencer stated “As we continue to assess and prioritize our opportunities, it is important that we identify our customer segments and allocate our resources accordingly.” Spencer summarized a recent article by Karen Florin (theday.com) which illustrates where AirVentions will also be well positioned.

Airplane Owner Sues Over Fuel Truck Accident At GON

Article Highlights

- A New York attorney has sued an aviation company and its owner for $1.5 million after his turboprop plane was rammed by a fuel truck at the Groton-New London Airport last summer.

- A fuel truck backed into the plane, knocking it off the chocks that had been placed against the tires to prevent it from moving and causing damage to the turboprop’s tail and fuselage, according to the lawsuit.

- The accident could have been easily avoided by using a two-person crew to back up the fuel truck, the lawyer (airplane owner) said. He said that since the accident, the aviation company has brought in a new manager.

- The owner said he does not intend to use the plane again to transport his family and thinks it would be difficult to sell. He would like “the fuel truck manufacturer” to purchase the plane for the its pre-accident value or fully compensate him for the repairs, his loss of use and the plane’s diminished value.

- The repairs are estimated at $400,000, according to the lawsuit. The owner is seeking $20,000 a month for loss of use of the plane and says its value has been diminished by approximately $690,000 as a result of the accident.


“Clearly, the advent of our AirVentions GSE collision avoidance system will prevent these types of accidents even in the absence of a “two-person crew”. Too often these incidents occur because of insufficient staff at times of operation. Adding our economical collision avoidance system to fuel trucks and other transport vehicles will address these issues and avoid costly repairs and possible litigation” Spencer added.

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