AirVentions initial testing gets thumbs up!

Boston, MA September 6, 2011 – AirVentions Inc. (AVI) develops technology that offers practical, cost saving solutions for the transportation and aviation industries. AVI’s lead products focus on collision avoidance systems for airport ground support equipment.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Proof of Concept Testing:  AirVentions Inc. has fabricated a full scale model of an airport belt loader and integrated its custom sensor system into it.  Internal tests confirmed that we were able to accurately detect speed, distance, and trigger the appropriate alerts. See video.
  • Industry Discussions: AirVentions has entered into several promising discussion within the airline and freight industries for partnerships for our pilot project. We continue to be pleased with the positive feedback and support.
  • MassChallenge: AirVentions was named a 2011 finalist in the MassChallenge Entrepreneurship competition. During the summer we have benefited immensely from the many resources that MassChallenge has offered.

Next Steps (Goals)

  • Testing: Airventions will be conducting more testing to confirm the robustness of our product. Specifically we will be adding increased detection coverage, and designing initial alert systems (lights and vibration warnings).
  • Logan Airport Safety Fair: AirVentions will exhibit on September 14th at the Logan Safety Fair. This event will provide a great opportunity for AirVentions to gain visibility within the airport safety community.
  • Industry Partnerships: We anticipate securing an industry partner for our pilot project in the near term.
  • On Site Field Test: AirVentions will do on site testing with our model to test real airport conditions, and use the feedback to develop our prototype.
  • Fundraising: We are looking to secure additional capital for our upcoming field tests and pilot tests.

Management Discussion & Administration

  • Prototype: We continue to work toward our pilot project. After our next round of testing, we will conduct on-site field test at local airports. These tests will give us real world data for our prototype and will enhance the likelihood of successful pilot project.
  • Funding: We successfully completed our initial phase of funding in the product development (proof of concept).  Next we’ll be opening up a round to support the continued development of prototype and pilot project.
  • New Team Member: We are proud to announce that we have a new addition to our team. He brings a strong background in sensor programming, engineering and systems design. Our development has greatly improved since he has been on board.
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